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Dungeons and Drawings with Bodie Hartley

One of my favourite Instagram accounts is the frequently updated page of illustrator, graphic designer, zinester, dungeon master and all around good dude Bodie Hartley. Unlike most of the art accounts I follow, the text in Bodie’s posts is essential when it comes to character drawings, as each character is accompanied by a delightful description … Continue reading

Questiontime with Jon Burgerman

If you have an interest in doodles, character art and anything in, around and beyond this general area you might already be familiar with British artist and illustrator Jon Burgerman. Like a constantly evolving and expanding wallpaper, Jon Burgerman’s art seems suited to cover just about anything, from canvas and walls to sneakers, books, video … Continue reading

Zoé Byland: The Good, the Bad and the Batgirl

Zoé Byland was the artist who first introduced me to the possibility of character design as a legitimate art form. We met when she moved to Vienna from her native Switzerland to join the “contextual painting” class I was attending at the time. Zoé still primarily lives in Vienna, teaching, studying and practicing art. Her … Continue reading

The hills are alive… an interview with mikrotom

A few years ago, while searching for street art photography on flickr, I happened upon a set of amazing images that contained streets, art and photography, but in a different order. mikrotom, a graphic designer living and working in Austria, takes photos and then populates them with his haunting vector creations. Insects, robots, animals, ghosts … Continue reading

Paint & Puns with Fieldey

Since I first met Fieldey a few years back her art has taken a remarkable journey via design, illustration, painting, photography and bobbing about on surfboards, merging into a distinctive self-branded style that has recently seen its first appearance on a gigantic custom-made wave riding device – the motherboard, so to speak, of all that … Continue reading